Bawo ni,* I'm Moteniola!*

*Pronounced mo-teh-nee-oh-lah
*Bawo ni - A Yoruba greeting

I am a multimedia artist from Detroit who works in design, fibers, and curating. My work examines methods in which a typical woven apparatus can be transformed and molded into a nontraditional shape or concept in order to interrogate the complexities of societal issues and structures including matters of race, ethnicity, and gender. My practice seeks to destigmatize and highlight how these constructs intersect and can be incorporated into a creative practice.

Moteniola's Headshot
Stamps Gallery
Gallery Assistant  
Sept 2019 - April 2023
University of Michigan
UX Research Assistant
July 2021 - Feb 2023
Michigan Athletics
Graphic Design Intern  
Sept 2022 - April 2023
482 Forward
Arts and Communication Intern
June 2022 - Sept 2023


University of Michigan
Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Art & Design

My Current Loves

Curating my playlists